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About Me

Teacher Educator & Trainer | Materials Developer 

I have been working as a teacher since 1988. On this long and winding road, I have played the role of teacher, academic coordinator, teacher trainer, head of training department, and/or DoS at different institutes, like CCAA, Cellep, Cultura Inglesa, International House Sao Paulo, and GTP.


I graduated in Communication from PUC/SP, have the RSA COTE, Cambridge DELTA, and a TESOL & Applied Linguistics Masters, from the University of Leicester. More recently, I have taught fewer regular classes and more teacher-oriented courses, be them f2f or online. I have, then, been tutoring CAE and CPE for teachers, and Celta, Celta Online, and Delta Courses courses in Brazil and abroad. At the same time, I have developed teaching materials for a number of organizations, like the British Council, Pearson, Centro Britânico, 2Ways Bilíngue and DSOP.

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