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World Teacher's Day

October 05, 2023

Teacher's Days

In many ways, being a teacher is a long, winding and difficult road to follow. And when we go down this one, a mountain appears right in front of us to be climbed, leading to the next road.

From challenge to challenge, mountain to mountain, we make other people's roads easier, which, in a way, makes our journey pleasant, too. And we gladly get used to it. Always.

But today it is not about those we help. It is about us. Our commitment, our diligence, our choices. So, in order to congratulate all those who have chosen this profession, here's my gift: a number of resources (some mine, some from other sources), and a couple of discounts you can use when doing one of my courses. Have a look at them below:


1. UNESCO World Teacher’s Day

(Message/Webinars/Useful Links)

2. Google for Education


3. British Council



1. Lesson Observation Checklist

2. ELT Terminology

3. An AI-generated CELTA and Delta poem 😊


Please fill out the form below until October 20. As soon as we get your information, you will receive a discount coupon to be used in the enrollment process.

Enjoy your day!!

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